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Gossip® is the fastest growing celebrity lifestyle news portal in Croatia, which operates within the Creative Squirrel Media Group and has more than 500,000 monthly followers from the Balkan region. Originally from America,

it brings daily most read news about celebrities and top SEO storytelling promotions of popular brands

Each Gossip® campaign starts on the Gossip news portal - on the front page and within the promotion category, and then spreads to Gossip social networks - Facebook page with more than 34.000 followers and 200.000 monthly readers, an Instagram page with more than 11.000 followers and 74.000 monthly readers, a LinkedIn business page with more than 15.000 followers, Tik Tok page with more than 2,1 million viewers, Viber public chat with more than 8.000 daily readers and thousands of popular large and specialized portals for your business

Increase your sales

Gossip® journalists are educated

on a daily basis for SEO (raising brands on Google search) & creating ads that have an effect, which is why advertising campaigns achieve

visible sales results. More than 95%

of Gossip advertisers make sales

within 60 days of starting an advertising campaign.

Let's gossip about your brand!

Advertising campaigns


Martina Kocijan Gulan, Founder & CEO of the Gossip news portal and director of the Creative Squirrel Media proudly stands behind the project

After more than 15 years of marketing, the love for writing and journalism that I discovered in the leading media in Croatia: 24sata, Večernji list and radio Soundset, prevailed and the Gossip news portal was created. Today, I am happy to create content for hundreds of advertisers and run their monthly advertising campaigns. At a time when we are overwhelmed with information and customers no longer know whom to trust, a recommendation has become the key to sales success, so we would be pleased if you allow us to write how we see your business, product

or service and confirm the quality of what you create! Let’s achieve ‘magic’ together and customers will start to trust you more, and your sales will only have an upward trajectory.

Let's gossip together!

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